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Takarazuka is famous for its Grand Theater. It is also known as the "city of opera". Situated northwest of Osaka, it is outside of typical urban tension, but still easily accessible. Therefore Takarazuka is known for its quiet and luxury residential areas.

Takarazuka Grand Theater

Playing Site: Takarazuka Hotel

The 2nd Japan Go Congress will take place in Takarazuka Hotel, where many participants will be lodging. The historical building is an eye-catcher in the region and offers various multi-purpose rooms for large events.

Takarazuka Hotel Multi purpose room Dining


Takaraya Dormitori

The dormitori has two large rooms with bunk beds, one for 4 persons and one for 6 persons. Shared toilet and shower.
Walking distance: 450m.

Current Takarazuka

The hostel has 4 single rooms and 4 twin bed rooms. Shared toilet and shower.
Walking distance: 800m.

Takarazuka Inn Hotel

One of the cheaper hotels in the area.
For congress participants we were able to reserve 6 single rooms and 2 twin bed rooms.
Walking distance: 650m.

Washington Hotel

A high standard hotel nearby the train station.
Walking distance: 750m.
Hotel Website

Takarazuka Hotel

A renowned high standard hotel in Takarazuka where all congress events are taking place.
Hotel Website