LIFE international Go Meeting for Children 2018

Friendly Rally Match

Japanese children and children from overseas play Go and make friends. In order to have as many children as possible to enjoy the event, a handicap system is used and the matches are played on a 13x13 board. Children with a large number of wins will be awarded. Friendly Rally Match


LIFE Cup Children with dan-grade and 1-10 kyu can participate in the LIFE Cup. Depending on the number of participants, they will be divided into 4-5 groups. Games will be played on a 19x19 board with a handicap system. After three preliminary rounds, the top 8 children of each group compete in the finals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Beat Grandpa

This event is for all children from overseas who don't qualify for the finals of the LIFE Cup. They will compete on a 19x19 board with handicap against Japanese grandpas. Please show them your strength! Beat Grandpa

Visit to the Tezuka Osamu Memorial Museum

The Tezuka Osamu Memorial Hall is a famous place in Takarazuka. Inside the memorial hall there are exhibitions on Osamu Tezuka's mangas (e.g. Astro Boy / Mighty Atom) and other memorable fan merchandise.

Tezuka Osamu Memorial Museum