Congress Fee

 - Accommodation (5 nights, check-in: July 11, check-out: July 16)
 - Full Go program

Following options regarding accommodation are available:

  Price     Accommodation     Breakfast     Walking Distance  
  67.500 JPY     KKR Hotel, single room     included     same building  
  65.000 JPY     KKR Hotel, twin room     included     same building  
  51.000 JPY     Hotel Econo, single room     included     1700m  
  46.000 JPY     Hotel Econo, twin bed room     included     1700m  
  32.500 JPY     Shaq big house, twin bed room     none     600m  
  31.500 JPY     Shaq big house, 4-bed room     none     600m  
  31.000 JPY     Shaq big house, 12-bed room     none     600m  

Children up to 15 years get a discount of 4.000 JPY.