2-days cultural trip to Ise and Iga


Okage-yokocho ancient street Okage-yokocho ancient street is a famous historical street in Ise city. Various food stores and traditional handcraft shops are within wooden houses, recreated as a townscape in the style of Edo and early Meiji aera. It is a must-visit for tourists coming to Ise.
Yokocho Kiin is located on the Okage-yokocho ancient street. This stylish old wooden house is one of the oldest Kiin buildings of Japan. Go events and international Go tournaments are regularly held at Yokocho Kiin, attracting top international Pros like Ke Jie and Iyama Yuta. Yokocho Kiin
Ise Grand Shrine Ise Grand Shrine is a shrine complex composed of a large number of Shinto shrines centered on two main shrines, Naiku (inner shrine) and Geku (outer shrine). The shrine buildings, as well as the Uji Bridge, are rebuilt every 20 years as a part of the Shinto belief of the death and renewal of nature and as a way of passing building techniques from one generation to the next.
Iga Ueno Park is the main sightseeing location in Iga and hosts a number of festivals and events. Within the park area there are lots of attractions. Ueno castle is built in 1953 as a reconstruction of the original castle of 17th century. Iga Ueno Park
Iga Ninja Museum Iga Ninja Museum is another highlight in Ueno park dedicated to the history of the ninja and ninjutsu. The museum's collection includes ancient ninjutsu writings analyzed scientifically along with ancient ninjutsu weapons. The museum has audiovisuals, models and extensive static displays of the weaponry and techniques employed by ninja.

Program and schedule

Sun, July 7th
 - 09:00: Departure from the U-Community Hotel
 - 13:30: Arrival at Ise city and strolling along the Okage-yokocho ancient street
 - 14:00: Exchange matches within the historical Yokocho Kiin
 - 18:00: Dinner and accomodation at a nearby hotel

Mon, July 8th
 - 09:00: Departure from the hotel to visit Ise Grand Shrine - Geku (outer shrine)
 - 10:00: Visit the Ise Grand Shrine - Naiku (inner shrine)
 - 11:00: Free time on Okage-yokocho ancient street and lunch
 - 13:00: Departure towards Iga
 - 14:30: Visit Ueno park and Ninja museum
 - 16:00: Departure towards Osaka, visit the Inoue Go manufacturing on the way
 - 19:00: Arrival at U-Community Hotel

(Note: This is a preliminary program, therefore the schedule might change slightly)

Price and payment

 - 19.000 JPY per person in a twin bed room
 - 20.000 JPY per person in a single room

Note: Camp participants staying at the U-Community Hotel have the option to check out for one night and get a refund of 7.300 JPY (single room) or 5.900 JPY (twin room).
No refund is possible for TTS though since the TTS only offers a flat rate.

The price includes:
 - Transportation via bus
 - Hotel accommodation
 - Entrance fees

Not included:
 - Meals

You can pay it together with the remaining amount for the camp via bank transfer or Paypal latest by June 9 (two weeks before the camp).